App Cloner Mod Apk 2.3.3 (Premium)

App Cloner Mod Apk 2.3.3 (Premium)

Create & install copies of apps. Run & keep cloned apps alongside original apps.




App Cloner Mod Apk 2.3.3 (Premium) is the most famous version in the series of publisher . What you would expect in a Tools game is available in this game. In this mod game, you can free premium. With this mod, this game will be easy for you. Enjoy the game!

App Cloner Mod App Cloner 2.3.3 [Premium] Features:


Create modified clones of some programs.

Conveniently, without Ruth.

Description: (translation – drony2005; ed.

Anais10) * Using the app App Cloner, you can create multiple copies of existing applications.

* Cloned applications are installed in parallel and operate independently from their original versions.

* They will not receive automatic updates so that you can save the selected stable version of the application next to the renewing of the original.

* Cloning can be useful to simultaneously use multiple logins for applications such as Facebook, Twitter or a Skype.

* the app the Cloner offers many advanced settings for the clone applications, in addition to changes the application name and icon – for example, you can remove widgets or unnecessary permissions, you can disable automatic startup, backup, including hidden recent list of applications that block the application usage data from Wi-Fi access.

* the app the Cloner can enhance the ability of the cloned applications, adding new features such as password protection, incognito, secure file deletion, and so on..

* users note: applications for Android Wear watches can also be cloned.The full version offers the following features: • Replacement icons application (complete or replace the color gamut of the existing icons) • Create multiple applications clones • Ability to share the cloned applications • Deleting applications and widgets, icons • Enable / Disable backup cloned applications • Resolution installation clones external SD-card • Elimination of the cloned application from the list of recent • Disabling clone startup • Removal of applications built components for clocks Android Wear • Lock rotation and job forced the portrait / landscape orientation • Deleting authorizations • Enabling application mode for Samsung devices, multi-window • Turning debugging ART function: • Adding password protection at startup • Enable incognito mode (close the application of its notification and rapid destruction of its data) • Blocking the use of mobile data (the application can only use WiFi-network for Internet access) • blocker hosts ( monitor and ban the application access to its servers and domains) • SOCKS proxy (redirect application traffic through a SOCKS proxy to bypass blockages and anonymization) • Opening of access to reading and writing to files and directories in an application without requiring route-rights • Taking all certificates • Silent run (mute when the application starts)What’s New • APK file cloning without prior app installation● Premium features Unlocked ● Batch Cloning UnrestrictedMOD Premium version (donations – commercial use).

Fully functional full version of the programScreenshots

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